Further Awesomeness

Want some more online movie related fun times? Try out these sites!

  • Your Movie Dude: Looking for a certain movie to make a certain event/moment/situation better? Then look no further then Your Movie Dude! Bonus Points: check the top 5 lists for more awesomeness
  • Movie Morlocks: This blog is officially affiliated with TCM, but don’t let that deter you. They cover basically all and any subjects in film. From the odd to the obscure, nothing it beyond them.
  • Roger Ebert: Love him or hate him, he’s an interesting figure who is still reviewing films as they come out.
  • Rotten Tomatoes: Hands down my favorite “review” site. They base the final rating on all the reviews from critics as well as a second rating based on what the public thinks.
  • Movie Boozer: How many beers will it take to make it THROUGH this movie? Check out this site and you can find out.
  • ReCovering Artist: Check out this site for some really well done redesigns on movie (and The Venture Bro’s) posters/dvd covers.

Would you like to be added? Lemme know and I’ll do so!


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