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Dearest devoted followers,

I apologize for the time between post has been incredibly long. After a lot of soul searching, I’m going to take a baby break because, well… I have a lot of things being thrown at me right now. Mostly this looming deadline of a craft fair. I promised to knit some things for it and while I’ve got a few things done, need to buckle down and get more done. This, however, requires my nights off to be spent knitting.

Please don’t fret dear ones, I will be back (and with greater numbers). It is also becoming that special time of the year when everyone becomes CRAZY with the need to buy buy buy! Being a retail slave from mid-November until January first basically sucks. While this will be my first year overnights for the holiday shopping season, I’ve been promised one hell of an experience.

I wonder if I could knit a K9?

I wonder if I could knit a K9?

Worry not. As I plug away at knitting, I’m revisiting the early Doctor Who episodes from the reboot. I watched seasons 1-3 with my mother back when they first aired, but haven’t really kept up with it. Thank god for Netflix Instant. I’m also planning on checking out some Baker-era episodes. Thanks for all the support and stand by. There will be more!


Holly C.S.