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Sorry for the Oregon Trail theme guys...

I MADE IT! Obviously, it didn’t take me a month to go from J-ville to Tally, but it’s taking me a month to fully unpack, settle, and work myself to death. I’m doing a new job that is completely different from my old job, so it’s taken some getting used to. Excuses, excuses. Luckily, I’m on **crosses fingers** a set schedule and you know what that means?! BACK TO THE FUTURE! er…my list of Top 100. I will say, I got a little nervous seeing Netflix prices going up, but there is a cool independent video rental place 5 minutes from my house that has a whole wall dedicated to the AFI 100. SO. I’m not too worried. Hope I can recapture some interest and that the interwebs doesn’t think I got bit by a snake and died.

See you soon!